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What I ate Wednesday

Food Diary 12wbt


I must admit that this isn’t exactly “What I ate Wednesday” – but more a selection of things I ate in the past few days….   I decided to sign up for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt again, mainly to get access to the menu plans – because the Exercise plans really haven’t changed all that much since I last did it a few years ago. They are OK (the exercise plans) but I find some of the exercises fussy and using too much equipment – so I switch them out for something that works the same muscle group.

About two months ago I commenced “Operation Get Andjxx fit again” and I was going really well for the first month and lost about 5kg – I was feeling great and really  on top of things. They I had a crash off my bike, shortly followed by another accident at  home that left me with a big gash on my leg (Which is really really ugly), and well I basically lost all momentum and just stopped exercising and eating well for the who second month. I kept telling myself I would get back on top of it and kept feeling like it was all too hard. But it was all in my head – just the simple act of telling myself it was all too hard was enough to stop me from starting. So after starting to read the book “If not dieting then what?” by Dr Rick Kausman, I talked some of my cognitions and am back on top of things again. The book is actually really good because it helps me to tackle some of my “black or white’ thinking behaviors – and also my tendency to become obsessive about every little morsel I eat.

The bottom line is I know that I feel better when I eat healthy foods the majority of the time… and I still need to lose about 7 kg to be at a good healthy weight for my body…and exercising helps with my Anxiety – all excellent reasons to get back on the wagon!

I have been pretty happy with the 12wbt food choices this week – I just changed up a couple of things to match more with things that we already had in the house. One of the things I dislike about the 12wbt food plan is that it often requires you to buy things that expensive just for one or two meals – so I will often substitute – because frankly I just can’t afford $200 a week on shopping!

This week I have been eating Banana Porridge and eggs (on separate days) for breakfasts; chicken and salad pita pockets for lunch and a variety of things for dinner – Lamb kebabs with Cous cous salad; Lemon and garlic marinate chicken and salad, Roast chicken with Asian vegetables and my favourite – Asian BBQ  cooker chicken with chinese broccoli. For snacks I have been alternating Chobani yoghurt (Coconut or banana) with Hummus and vegetable cruidites or an APple and about 10 almonds.

I will say up front that the food on the 1200 calorie MB plan does not keep me full…in fact I would wake up starving at 3am most nights (and it’s not head hunger – it is real stomach grumbling, anger causing hunger) – so I do actually consume around 1300 – 1400 calories per day on a typical day. I lost weight on this amount of calories and it basically means I have a snack after dinner – I know that if I don’t do this it is a sure fire way to a binge – so I see it as better to eat slightly more than what she recommends and reduce the risks of a binge session.

The other thing that I do to make it fit into our family lifestyle is I often will cook something different for my children – or provide them with an alternative side dish. I have fussy eaters and I would much rather they eat dinner than have the fight with them about eating at all. I will do a post about this next week actually!

Is anyone else who reads my blog following the MB program at the moment?



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2014 – All About ME!


So I have spent the past 5 years giving every part of myself over to others – to children and family, to work and employers – I have decided that 2014 is going to be all about me – at least for the first 6 months.

I am going to get myself back to a point of fitness and health – two things that I have been severely neglecting for the past few years – the past two in particular. IT is time to change that so that I am back to where I was fitness and health wise by the time 2015 rolls around.

First cab off the rank is losing the excess weight I am carrying right now. 10 kilos to be exact. It doesn’t sound like much right? But go and find something that weighs ten kilos, pick it up and carry it around for a while and you’ll find that it gets pretty heavy after a while. This is something that I have been working on finding the right head space for for some time – most of last year actually. Then I read something somewhere on the internet that said something along the lines of…it’s going to be difficult and challenging at times…get over it now. As soon as I came to terms with this my head space changed and I got going.

So rather than waiting until new years day  and being all cliched – I decided to start on boxing day. So I am now 1 week in.

What have I been eating this week?

After much research (and a year of experimenting) I have decided to set my calorie intake a little higher than the golden number of 1200 calories – Why? The simple answer is because I know that 1200 leaves me cranky, tired and extraordinarily binge prone. When I binge I get negative self talk, when I get negative self talk I give up – ‘it’s all too hard’…’I can’t be this hungry for the next 12 weeks’…’how on earth am I going to get through the next 12 weeks being this hungry’ and so it goes on….bottom line is the extra weight loss that I *might* get from the lower calories is not worth feeling like crap. The more complex answer that goes into the science of the higher calorie choice? That’s for another post!

How have I been active this week?

Given that I have had the week off work due to the Christmas break, I have been  trying very hard to set up some good routines and planning so that being more active can fit into my life on a normal week where there is work and school drop offs to consider. The first thing I did was change to a gym that was more convenient to me – it has a creche and it is close to my work – I can go to the gym in my lunch break if I need to. The second thing I did was exercise everyday between boxing day and new years day – even though for some of those days I could barely walk due to muscle soreness. Here is a summary of the week:

Thurs 26 – 1 hour walk

Fri 27 – Gym (Shoulders, Chest, Tri, Abs) + 30 minutes cardio on treadmill (10 HIIT)

Sat 28 – Parkrun (5km – pb 31.55) + leisurely bike ride

Sun 29 – Gym (Legs, Abs) + cardio

Mon 30 – Road Bike 26km (1 hr 34 min)

Tue 31 – Gym (Back, Biceps, Chest) + 30 min cardio

Wed Jan 1 – easy 3km walk

At the start of the week I weighed 76.2, this morning I weighed 74.7 – so a drop of 1.5kg this week.

I don’t expect that there will be a drop like this every week – I am hoping for more in the vicinity of 0.5 – 0.7 kg per week. At that rate it should take me another 14 – 16 weeks. So you know that there should be at least another 14 – 16 posts here in this space over that time!