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Holiday Hapennings

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Now that the christmas period is over and we are getting back into the swing of the daily happenings of life I thought that I should come back to giving this space more attention. The garden is overflowing with produce, not completely providing us with everything we need but doing a fine job of supplementing our fresh (organic!) vegetable intake. There is art and craft happening on a daily basis and we are enjoying the outdoors during this not too hot high summer.

I haven’t made any formal resolutions for 2015 but over the past few weeks I have definitely had some goals beginning to formulate in my mind about the direction I want 2015 to take for our family. Rhythm and health need to be the main focus as we have one boy heading into grade one and one boy heading into preschool. Healthy living with less (less than we already do) reliance on processed and packaged foods in our diets. Fortifying our mental health with more crafting and time spent doing introspective artistic pursuits. Reading…novels and more intellectual tomes, and Rhythm, instilling that daily ebb and flow that helps us all to be more calm and get everything done that we need to do.

So in light of that the goals that I have set for myself include the following:

  • Read 12 books in 2015 – one per month
  • Sew (or knit) – 12 garments in 2015 – one per month
  • Try one new whole foods based recipe each week – and share it in this space!
  • Take a weekend getaway – or two – this year (We already have one planned for March!!!)
  • Learn form our work in the garden over the past year and implement these learnings so our organic produce is even better in 2015 – I’ll write about this more over the next week or so.
  • Focus on the sentiment that we have everything we need to live this life – we do not need to spend money on unnecessary wants and desires – just the things we need. (This is a hard one for me but something I need to work on!)

And thats it!! If I achieve all of these things then 2015 will have been an awesome year!

These too are the things that I will be focused on writing about this year, I really hope that anyone who does read my blog continues to do so and that I might even see some new readers hop on bard this year!!

Happy 2015!



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Photo a Day July – Busy

Mondays are always Busy as it is my only day off work – we normally go shopping, go to playgroup, go to the park, come home have lunch, they have a rest while I cook for dinner and the rest of the week (sometimes). Today was no exception:




Looks like my day of being busy isn’t over yet….thank goodness for dishwashers. (Results of said busyness will be evident later in the week :))


Oh what a month!

Rainy Melbourne Street

Rushing About?

Well I have just squeezed 6 months work of events travel and illness into one month and I am starting to feel as though I might have come out the other side.

I was thinking just the other day how I can’t believe it was just a little over a month ago that I was in Murwullimbah at my friends wedding.

Since then I have been to Melbourne, run an event at work, been sick for 2 weeks with a virus, been to Sydney for work, had a sick baby and been to Sydney for work again.

It it any wonder that blogging has been at the bottom of the list of things that are important. In fact amidst all of that I feel as though I have been barely functioning to do the normal every day thing – so the blog needed to get put to the bottom of the list for a little while.

Today I am in Sydney for the second round of the Gourmet Garden blog off cook off competition. Last night I stayed with a friend from work and her wonderful hospitality has seen me feeling relaxed and rested for the first time all month. There are advantages to working for a company based in Sydney !

I will try to get some pics and maybe even a bit of video of the cooking spectacular this afternoon. I am up against the lovely Lisa from the blog Bake Bike Blog so I have some stiff competition.

Wish me luck !