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small legalities

Legal Things like Disclosure and Copyright and all that boring stuff!

All opinions represented on this blog are my own and being an ethical and honest person I will let you know if I am ever in anyway compensated for writing a post. Whether that compensation is in the form of products or money or services – I’ll let you know.

I will not under any circumstances consider representing a brand or product on this blog that does not fall into the realm of my personal values and ethics – the only products you will see me talk about on here are those that are genuinely going to help you to live a healthier life with your kids in tow!

I am not adverse to promoting a product or service if it falls within the themes and genre of this blog. If you have a product or service that you would like me to review or that you would like to advertise please contact me via email to discuss what you have in mind.

Please be considerate of my writing and acknowledge anything you might like to use in any way by letting me know and linking back to the content on this site. Please do not use any photos or writing from this site without prior permission. The content on this site is protected by Copygator – so if you take it without asking first – I will know 🙂 If you look down the very bottom of the screen you will see a little Copyright symbol ©Andrea Gledhill 2012 – please respect it and know that you may not, in any form or by any means: adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, publish or create derivative works from any part of this Web Site; or commercialize any information, products or services obtained from any part of this Web Site/blog without my written permission.

Keep it nice and everyone will be happy 🙂


2 thoughts on “small legalities

  1. Hello Andrea. I am busy helping Michael Mount Waldorf School in Johannesburg, South Africa, to put their website together. I stumbled upon your blog post about Waldorf festivals in Australia about an hour ago. This is the first time in days of searching for meaningful information that I have come across something that makes sense with regards to Festivals – Waldorf festivals in the southern hemisphere.
    Would you be willing to give us permission to use your information? – of course, with relevant acknowledgement and a link back to your blog? Please?
    : )
    This is extremely urgent, so I hope to hear from you, soon.

    Theresa Muller
    (My email address has an ‘s’ between my two names.)

    • Hi Theresa – It has been a while since you posted but I would be happy for you to share the knowledge with others. Another southern hemisphere blog you might find helpful is Happy Whimsical Hearts.

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