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Thanks for dropping by to learn a little more about the person behind this blog. I am a public health advocate and project manager in my day job and like to write about health and nutrition topics as they apply to family life here – in my spare time. My hope is that I can help to dispel myths and improve health literacy around maternal and child health and development. I have a Masters in Public Health, majoring in Health Promotion and once upon a  time I was Radiographer.

I am also a mama to two little boys who like to eat me out of house and home…I suspect that is only going to get more and more so as they get older…they are 6 and 3 mths you see.

When I had my first boy – H Boy – I planned to breastfeed him. There was never any question that I wouldn’t Breastfeed him – I believe that is how you feed babies – and so I did for 19 months.

During that time I became involved with the Australian Breastfeeding Association and decided to train as a volunteer Breastfeeding Counselor. I am that passionate about breastfeeding and the important role that it plays in continuing the natural development of immune systems and setting up a child for a life of good health.

During this time I met and became friends with so many wonderful like-minded mums. Women who valued parenting choices that reflected the way nature intended it to be. Through these friendships I learnt about a whole world of parenting choices that I hadn’t even realized existed. This was the world of attachment parenting and I had such a strong affinity towards the concepts of attachment parenting that I just couldn’t ignore it.

Babywearing made perfect sense to me – the baby was happy if he was being held and so I bough a sling – and then a few more (Four in total) to save my weary arms.

Co -Sleeping wasn’t optional – I like to sleep and I figured out pretty fast that if the baby was in the bed with me that sleep was happening a whole lot more – so we co-slept.

Cloth nappies didn’t happen quite so easily the first time round but by the time we had Baby B I was on board with the cloth nappies as well.

So I became more and more entwined in the wonderful world of Natural parenting and learnt so much along the way.I learnt that I wanted to extend this learning into other areas of our life. I learnt that I want to be around people who are likeminded and have similar values so that my children grow up know this as a normal way of life. It has transgressed into a lifestyle for us.

As the H-Boy grew it became more and more obvious that his was a sensitive soul that needed extra nurturing and so I needed to add some more artillery to my tool kit in order to manage his sensitivity. I discovered that food can make a massive impact on behavior and stability in kids – and that made me even more determined to go down this healthy living and natural path.

and what about the Happy Mama part?

Well when I went back to work around 12 months after I first had H Boy I developed an anxiety problem that I couldn’t manage on my own. It was in part due to my personality but also due to the type of job I had and the conflict that it caused between needing to work and wanting to parent in the way I felt so strongly about. So I started taking medication to help manage my anxiety.

When I fell pregnant with Baby B I had to stop taking that medication for the time that I was pregnant and it was hard – oh so hard.

I realised that I needed to find other ways to manage my anxiety during this time. I turned to yoga and meditation and really haven’t looked back since. I still take the meds but I also need to meditate daily and do yoga at least once a week. That space, that time on the mat is my sacred space where it is all about me for that 1.5 hours a week.

It is all a learning journey and I started this blog to be able to follow the journey along for myself. To write about what works and what doesn’t, to inspire others and support them in their own journey.

I hope that I can learn even more along the way.


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  1. Hey Andj

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

    Go to http://mumchic.com/2012/06/10/a-ray-of-sunshine/ to claim.

    Congratulations sweets xoxox

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