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::The Anxiety Chronicles:: What is my Anxiety like?

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The view from here

The past few days have been really tough for some subconscious reason that is known only to my brain. I don’t have anxiety attacks as such – although I have had at least three debilitating anxiety attacks this past year. They are rare. Always precpitated by some external stressor that I have internalised and made bigger and badder than reality.
It is the chronic low level daily anxiety that causes me the most grief. I stress about things without knowing what I am stressing about. I can’t get to sleep easily at night. If I wake up during the night and become awake enough to start thinking then I am awake for the rest of the night. It is the pressure I feel underneath my sternum that is as if a heavy rock is on my chest and I just can’t get enough air. That particular one has been with me all day today.

Nothing I do seems to make a difference -although exercise does help.

Distraction from myself also helps – usually ends up costing me a lot though.

Perhaps I can go to rehab for my shopping addiction?



Author: Andjxx

Through this blog I hope to inspire and motivate mums to raise happy and healthy kids and be happy in themselves in the most organic way possible. I write about wellness, attachment parenting, yoga and meditation, and whole food nutrition for both busy mums and families. I am a mam of two sweet boys, H Boy and Baby B. We live life with a healthy and natural approach to living and support breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby led solids, and an overall down to earth way of life. I hope you enjoy our world!

One thought on “::The Anxiety Chronicles:: What is my Anxiety like?

  1. I relate to this, Andrea…the lump in your chest, constantly feeling as though something awful is about to happen, the lying awake thinking and worrying. It’s exhausting.

    I suspect that the causes and solutions are different for us all, but for me, sleep deprivation is a definite trigger. And if I can’t avoid stress, I have to manage it or I end up in a mess – which is easy to say, not so simple to do. :/

    I hope things improve for you soon.

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