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So I’ve been reading THAT book…


Yes THAT book … The one everyone is talking about…the adventures of Anastasia Steele.

I wasn’t planning on reading it right now. I prefer to read books that are popular after all the hype has died down. But you see everyone in my team at work was reading it again recent meeting we had in Sydney, and those that weren’t reading it before they went had started by the time we left. Then someone started talking about who would play Christian and Anastasia in a film and I got intrigued.

So the book doesn’t shock me – it is exactly what I had anticipated it would be. I ca see how the intrigue of knowing just exactly what is written between those pages can suck people in. It is not brilliantly written in a structural sense but the language is quite beautiful.

What I don’t understand is why is has been categorised as mummy erotica?

I certainly don’t fantasise about younger than me rich control freaks.

Younger than me, buffed and tanned builders with gentle smiles… Yes.

Older than me, salt and pepper windswept fit from triathlon training businessmen with charm… Yes

My husband and I with no children on a tropical island retreat with plenty of sleep… Yes

But I digress.

I simply can’t relate to the 21 year old inexperienced Anastasia.

One thing I do like about her though is the little characters she has for her self talk voices in her head. Her inner goddess and her subconscious. Because don’t we all need a superhero with Pom poms to cheer for us every now and again? And the serious sensible subconscious to bring us back into check when necessary?

If only we could train them to behave exactly how we want them to – to cheer at the right time, to pull us out of trouble when needed ?

I think that it is possible – and possibly. A really great and positive way to think about the positive and negative self talk voices that we all have up there.

Now where is my whip? Mine clearly need whipping into shape right now… And no I’m not talking bout my husband…



Author: Andjxx

Through this blog I hope to inspire and motivate mums to raise happy and healthy kids and be happy in themselves in the most organic way possible. I write about wellness, attachment parenting, yoga and meditation, and whole food nutrition for both busy mums and families. I am a mam of two sweet boys, H Boy and Baby B. We live life with a healthy and natural approach to living and support breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby led solids, and an overall down to earth way of life. I hope you enjoy our world!

7 thoughts on “So I’ve been reading THAT book…

  1. Up to chapter 6 soooo disappointed. Don’t understand how it’s different to mills and boons and please can she stop saying oh my! I hate the self talk 🙂

  2. I tried the first few chapters. I couldn’t understand how one woman could fall over so often. She’s kind of annoying.

  3. I succumbed and ordered a copy. Had a quick flick, not overly impressed, but I will give it a go!

    • It’s not bad persay if you light light, easy to read repetitive books – I won’t be buying the second two even though I am curious to see if she talks his tortured past out of him

  4. Maybe it’s cause you knew what to expect… I was looking for a new read and had heard some of the hype…but I guess I didn’t actually listen to the hype, cause I was reading along and all of a sudden it was like “whaaa! This is porn!” Once I got over my prudiness I did enjoy the book for its entertainment value, but still don’t see what they hype is all about

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