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Sometimes you just have to say No!


Just say no

So as always seems to happen when the universe has been screaming really loudly at you for some time that you should really think about stopping…or at least slowing down… it throws a massive brick wall in your path to forcibly stop all activities for just a few days.

The past three days I have been sicker that I can remember being in a long time – so sick that I literally could not get out of bed for longer than 20 minutes. The bottom line being that I needed to stop and take stock.

I needed to rest, some time out, to recoup and regenerate and to think about what the really important things are.

I could barely think yesterday and the day before but in a moment of clarity it came to me today.

I am completely out of balance. We have not managed to get the house back in order after the renovations yet, I’ve been doing silly amounts of travel for work (especially for someone who doesn’t really do work travel that much), I’ve got about sixty books and half finished craft projects lying about the house, volunteer work that I am barely on top of, a partly completed Certificate IV in training and Administration and that doesn’t even include the paid job or the housework.

I need to be honest with myself – there just isn’t enough time in the day.

I know that I need to get rid of some of the bits and pieces but I am often of the mentality that why should I have to make sacrifices in order to be the working mum?

I realized that sometimes I need to start being honest with myself and saying no to the things that I want to do but don’t have time RIGHT NOW.

The Gourmet Garden competition is the perfect example of something that I should have looked ahead at the coming months activities and said to myself – you know what right now you just don’t have the time and there will be other opportunities that come along.

The sad thing is even though I have been so sick these past couple of days – I don’t feel like the two and a half days off normal life (i.e. the days the children are at Childcare) is going to be enough. I need more time than this to recoup.

It saddens me because it is when my thinking gets like this that I wish there was something wrong with me so I could go and check myself into a hospital for a rest, for someone to look after me until I felt as though I was able to manage it all again.  I know that this sounds like depressive, disordered thinking (and please don’t think I am going to go and harm myself in some way because I’m not) – I am just expressing the thoughts that go through my head daily in words.

Do other people feel like this too or is it just me?

How do you recoup when you have been burning the candle at both ends?


Author: Andjxx

Through this blog I hope to inspire and motivate mums to raise happy and healthy kids and be happy in themselves in the most organic way possible. I write about wellness, attachment parenting, yoga and meditation, and whole food nutrition for both busy mums and families. I am a mam of two sweet boys, H Boy and Baby B. We live life with a healthy and natural approach to living and support breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby led solids, and an overall down to earth way of life. I hope you enjoy our world!

9 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to say No!

  1. Not the same thing, but when I was really stressed at work and I felt like I was going to crack at any moment, I used to wish I could fall down the stairs and break my leg so I had an excuse to have some time off. Then I realised they’d just push me around in a wheelchair and I’d still have to turn up 😀
    I’m sorry you’re sick — take it easy my love. And believe me you’re not the only one that prayers for divine intervention just to secure much needed sleep.

    • I’ve been here before although much worse – which is how come I know that I am actually OK and really just need to get rid of a few things. Last time I was here I wanted to drive my car into a brick wall – definitely nowhere near that point – I just want a real rest. But I know you know what I mean Katie 😉

  2. None of my solutions have had to deal with children, so might not be that helpful. I can sympathise with the temptation of hospital – they have nice warm blankets there and you typically just can’t do anything. I like when we visit family or friends, anywhere where you feel like you’re at home, but can’t do all the tasks waiting for you at home

    • Yes kk (so cryptic!) that is exactly right – just like going to visit someone where you don’t have to do anything – just be looked after. That would be my idea of perfect!

  3. Firstly **hugs**
    and secodly, you are not alone ! Must be something in the air in Canberra because I have been feeling EXACTLY like that for the past 3 days…overwhelmed with myriad things I need to do and a complete lack of energy to do any of them…While talking to a friend earlier today, I broke down into tears (probably pent up exhaustion/emotions)
    A break where someone else can care for you and take care of everything else would be a welcome change!
    But until then, hoping having a time out helps 🙂 Take care, you are in my thoughts xo

    • thanks so mcuh. I spent some time last night crying also. I think that I needed to get it out of my system. Hope that you manage to find some time also. I have formulated myself a bit of a plan to get myself some time freed up – it just means putting the things I want to do on hold for a while. But hey thats only things like exercise, and knitting.LOL

  4. *Hugs* indeed.
    I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. But it sounds like it has brought with it a moment of clarity to take a step back, and say ‘no’ – which is something that we all need to do from time to time. If you ever feel like catching up for a coffee – let me know!

    • Aww. thanks so much Lisa. It was so nice to meet you the other day. I think I’d be more likely to hit you up for a run than a coffee though right now. LOL

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