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So I’ve been reading THAT book…

Yes THAT book … The one everyone is talking about…the adventures of Anastasia Steele.

I wasn’t planning on reading it right now. I prefer to read books that are popular after all the hype has died down. But you see everyone in my team at work was reading it again recent meeting we had in Sydney, and those that weren’t reading it before they went had started by the time we left. Then someone started talking about who would play Christian and Anastasia in a film and I got intrigued.

So the book doesn’t shock me – it is exactly what I had anticipated it would be. I ca see how the intrigue of knowing just exactly what is written between those pages can suck people in. It is not brilliantly written in a structural sense but the language is quite beautiful.

What I don’t understand is why is has been categorised as mummy erotica?

I certainly don’t fantasise about younger than me rich control freaks.

Younger than me, buffed and tanned builders with gentle smiles… Yes.

Older than me, salt and pepper windswept fit from triathlon training businessmen with charm… Yes

My husband and I with no children on a tropical island retreat with plenty of sleep… Yes

But I digress.

I simply can’t relate to the 21 year old inexperienced Anastasia.

One thing I do like about her though is the little characters she has for her self talk voices in her head. Her inner goddess and her subconscious. Because don’t we all need a superhero with Pom poms to cheer for us every now and again? And the serious sensible subconscious to bring us back into check when necessary?

If only we could train them to behave exactly how we want them to – to cheer at the right time, to pull us out of trouble when needed ?

I think that it is possible – and possibly. A really great and positive way to think about the positive and negative self talk voices that we all have up there.

Now where is my whip? Mine clearly need whipping into shape right now… And no I’m not talking bout my husband…



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and so she made a plan…

I am feeling a little better today…allbeit with the help of some well timed arrivals of internet purchases.

cat not included


I have a bit of a plan for decorating now that the renovations are ever so close to being complete and when I saw this Duvet cover on Ezibuy the other day I just knew that it needed to come and live with me. I have never bought anything off Ezibuy before and I am really impressed. The quality is amazing! I actually bought the little black pillow, the duvet cover, the European pillow cases and a very luxurious feeling black throw for $200 which I think is a bit of a bargain! It has made me be able to see that my decorating plan will come together – eventually – I just need to stick to the plan.

Speaking of plans….I made a plan to get myself to the point of feeling happy about the degree of balance in my life. The plan does involve a little bit of sacrifice but there is also a reward 🙂

So I am going to  focus on getting the Certificate IV in Training and Administration done so that is completely off my plate and I don’t have to think about it at all any more. I am going to commit myself to seeing out the rest of this year with the in person volunteer work that I do – after that it will only be background things that don’t need me to be outside the house going to meetings etc.

Getting just those two things off my back *should* free up enough time for me to be able to go to work, come home and spend time with the family in the evening without thinking about all the rest of the things that I need to do for other people as well. Then I should be able to comfortably read a book or do my crafty projects without this same guilt that I should be doing something else because I have so much that I need to get done!

Perhaps I should do a project here on my blog to document how 6 months of saying No would go for me?

So my reward?

This little box

This little box


BEcause what is in this little box are much desired craft tools for a little project that I am dying to get my paws into. But not until I have finished that Certificate IV.

Noting like a little bit of motivation!




Sometimes you just have to say No!

Just say no

So as always seems to happen when the universe has been screaming really loudly at you for some time that you should really think about stopping…or at least slowing down… it throws a massive brick wall in your path to forcibly stop all activities for just a few days.

The past three days I have been sicker that I can remember being in a long time – so sick that I literally could not get out of bed for longer than 20 minutes. The bottom line being that I needed to stop and take stock.

I needed to rest, some time out, to recoup and regenerate and to think about what the really important things are.

I could barely think yesterday and the day before but in a moment of clarity it came to me today.

I am completely out of balance. We have not managed to get the house back in order after the renovations yet, I’ve been doing silly amounts of travel for work (especially for someone who doesn’t really do work travel that much), I’ve got about sixty books and half finished craft projects lying about the house, volunteer work that I am barely on top of, a partly completed Certificate IV in training and Administration and that doesn’t even include the paid job or the housework.

I need to be honest with myself – there just isn’t enough time in the day.

I know that I need to get rid of some of the bits and pieces but I am often of the mentality that why should I have to make sacrifices in order to be the working mum?

I realized that sometimes I need to start being honest with myself and saying no to the things that I want to do but don’t have time RIGHT NOW.

The Gourmet Garden competition is the perfect example of something that I should have looked ahead at the coming months activities and said to myself – you know what right now you just don’t have the time and there will be other opportunities that come along.

The sad thing is even though I have been so sick these past couple of days – I don’t feel like the two and a half days off normal life (i.e. the days the children are at Childcare) is going to be enough. I need more time than this to recoup.

It saddens me because it is when my thinking gets like this that I wish there was something wrong with me so I could go and check myself into a hospital for a rest, for someone to look after me until I felt as though I was able to manage it all again.  I know that this sounds like depressive, disordered thinking (and please don’t think I am going to go and harm myself in some way because I’m not) – I am just expressing the thoughts that go through my head daily in words.

Do other people feel like this too or is it just me?

How do you recoup when you have been burning the candle at both ends?


Oh what a month!

Rainy Melbourne Street

Rushing About?

Well I have just squeezed 6 months work of events travel and illness into one month and I am starting to feel as though I might have come out the other side.

I was thinking just the other day how I can’t believe it was just a little over a month ago that I was in Murwullimbah at my friends wedding.

Since then I have been to Melbourne, run an event at work, been sick for 2 weeks with a virus, been to Sydney for work, had a sick baby and been to Sydney for work again.

It it any wonder that blogging has been at the bottom of the list of things that are important. In fact amidst all of that I feel as though I have been barely functioning to do the normal every day thing – so the blog needed to get put to the bottom of the list for a little while.

Today I am in Sydney for the second round of the Gourmet Garden blog off cook off competition. Last night I stayed with a friend from work and her wonderful hospitality has seen me feeling relaxed and rested for the first time all month. There are advantages to working for a company based in Sydney !

I will try to get some pics and maybe even a bit of video of the cooking spectacular this afternoon. I am up against the lovely Lisa from the blog Bake Bike Blog so I have some stiff competition.

Wish me luck !


Recovery? Not quite there yet

tea time


After my post last week I do feel as though I am starting to recover somewhat. Flat is probably the best way to describe how I am feeling. Yesterday morning I went back to bed at 9 am and didn’t get out again until close to 2pm. This is really not like me at all.

I feel like my body might be rebelling against me now that I am getting more sleep.

The thing is – I have all these posts partly written in my drafts folder that I could just quickly finish off and keep things going smoothly – as is nothing was going on and I was managing all of the elements of my life without a hitch. But that wouldn’t be in the spirit of honest now would it?

I am sure that in time I will come good again – I have to find some energy soon so that I can have some energy for the Cook Off part of the Gourmet Garden competition in a few weeks.