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Gourmet Garden: Sun Dried Tomato, Basil and Baby Bocconcini Stuffed Chicken and Garlic Mash


Wow – thats a bit of a mouthful – But it’s a tasty mouthful!! This is my third creation for the Gourmet Garden Blog Off Promotion. This is my favourite to date. It was a very grown up meal – so much so that I didn’t actually make any for the children. I gave them a box of vegetables to play with instead!

Aussie Farmers Direct, Gourmet Garden

You want me to eat what?

While we enjoyed this:

Gourmet Garden

Sun Dried Tomato, Basil and Baby Bocconcini Stuffed Chicken and Garlic Mash

Serves 2             Preparation 20 mins Cooking 30 mins

2 Chicken Breast Fillets

2 – 3 Tblsp Gourmet Garden Basil

1 Tblsp Gourmet Garden Garlic

8 – 9  Sundried tomato halves in oil

3 – 4 Baby Bocconcini

3 Medium Potato’s

Milk to mash potatos (2 – 3 Tblsp), Butter to flavour (1 tsp)

Green Beans to serve

Spray Oil


Preheat Oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Place the sundried tomato’s and the basil and leave to marinate while preparing the other ingredients.

Chop the Bocconcini into small pieces (I cut rounds).

Take the chicken Breast fillets and remove the tenderloin neatly from the breast (the long thin part of the chicken breast that sometimes comes away). Taking a small sharp knife, cut a ‘pocket’ into the long side of the chicken breast. Repeat for the other piece of chicken.

Take the tomato and basil mix and using your fingers, push about 4 tomato pieces into each chicken pocket. Repeat with the Bocconi. Be careful not to overfill. It should look like this:

Peel and Chop Potato and Put a pot of water on to boil.

Spray an oven proof fry pan with oil and heat to medium high. Using tongs, carefully place the chicken into the pan to brown on both sides. When it comes time to turn the chicken to brown the other side, do so very carefully so as to not spill the stuffing. We aren’t really trying to cook the chicken at this point, just browning the flesh on both sides. Once this is done, place the whole pan in to the oven and cook for around 20 – 30 mins. (If you don’t have an oven proof fry pan you could transfer the chicken breasts to a tray carefully)

Meanwhile, boil the Potato until a fork can be easily pushed in and out of the potato without any resistance. Drain the potato and mash with the milk, Garlic and Butter.

Blanch the green beans in boiling water until bright green – around 2 mins.

Serve the Chicken on the bed of Garlic Mash with the green beans on the side.

Eat your tasty dinner with your lovely partner and tell your kids they can’t have any. Sure fire way to get them to eat the leftover Mash and Beans. Hehe.

What to do after dinner…

Go to pinterest and search after dinner treats and come up with this tasty recipe for Rasberry Coconut Muffins. Wait till the kids have gone to bed, cook said muffins and enjoy the peace!



Author: Andjxx

Through this blog I hope to inspire and motivate mums to raise happy and healthy kids and be happy in themselves in the most organic way possible. I write about wellness, attachment parenting, yoga and meditation, and whole food nutrition for both busy mums and families. I am a mam of two sweet boys, H Boy and Baby B. We live life with a healthy and natural approach to living and support breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby led solids, and an overall down to earth way of life. I hope you enjoy our world!

5 thoughts on “Gourmet Garden: Sun Dried Tomato, Basil and Baby Bocconcini Stuffed Chicken and Garlic Mash

  1. What a lovely recipe! Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. yummo! I love stuffed chicken ! 🙂

  3. This looks so so so good 🙂

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